Sixteen (16) environmental funds from Africa, Latin America and Caribbean have actively participated to the annual meeting of environmental funds, which took place in Antsiranana Madagascar on September 14th – 21st 2013.

During the first (1st) part of the meeting, the funds have benefited from the 8th workshop organized by RedLAC. The session focuses on the “Governance strategy for environmental funds”. The participants recognize, among the strategies presented and analyzed, the importance of an efficient and fluid communication between the governing bodies, the clarification of the component of the governing bodies, the roles of each governing structure and the way they operate, the incentive measures for each structure and finally the importance of having skilled persons in each structure to achieve the funds’missions.

The 3rd general assembly highlighted that reinforcing communication and best practices/information sharing among members and partners are among the key points to help the network developing. In addition to this, all the funds ask the network to support them in applying the standards and capacity building.

Thanks to the presentations held during the general assembly, the participants have updated information on (1) international donors (UNDP and World Bank) new orientations and potential funding axes for the next five years; on (2) international financial market trends. We expect that new partnership with the international donors and AEF will be established in the near future. The participants have also the opportunity to improve their knowledge regarding the funding for protected area: project approach vs sustainable funding; and knowledge on quality and management standards: objective, mechanism, implementation, use of the standard. Check the assembly report here.

The participants have benefited from these experiences thanks to the contribution of different partners. So, we would like to address our heartfelt thanks:

–          All the guest speakers: Giovanni RUTA – Banque Mondiale, Helene Gichenje – UNDP, Fabiana ISSLER – GEF UNDP, Camila Monteiro – Funbio/CFA,  BAASTEL/CFA, Katy MATIAS – WCS/CFA, Carlos OBANDO – Arbor UBS Group;

–          All the financial and technical partners: Ministry of Transport, Ministry of the Environment and Forest, RedLAC, FIBA, FIBA, KfW, FFEM/AFD, UNDP, World Bank, WWF US, CFA, IUCN, Conservation International, Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation, WCS, Air Madagascar, Fondation Telma, ADEMA, ACM, Hôtel Ibis, Grand Hotel, Madagascar National Parks, Brasserie STAR

We also express our deepest appreciation to the host funds: Madagascar Biodiversity Fund and Fondation Tany Meva for their effort that has made the success of the event.

Looking forward for the next edition in Cameroun in 2014




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